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CEO & Co-founder
Fania Stoney

Fania Stoney is CEO and a Co-Founder of Healthy Place to Work®.

Fania thrives on working closely with organisations, maintaining collaborative relationships across multiple stakeholders to create Healthy Workplaces and high performing environments for employees. This involves analysis of data, the investigation of existing programs, identifying current strengths and opportunities, and embedding new programs.

Fania was instrumental in taking the Healthy Place to Work® model and methodology and operationalising it in an organisational setting. She lead both the pilot and population studies, working collaboratively with organisations to embed this high performance, sustainable approach into their strategic agendas. Using both this experience and expertise in organisational planning and design, Fania has enabled multiple organisations to achieve and sustain the status of a Healthy Place to Work®. She has also worked alongside organisations to successfully activate this achievement both internally amongst employees and externally in the talent market.

Jim Flynn

Jim Flynn is an Occupational Psychologist & Co-Founder of Healthy Place To Work®.

Jim is passionate about supporting high performance organisations to operate sustainable way, from a people perspective. Drawing on over 20 years’ experience consulting in Organisational Change, L&D, Leadership, Employee Engagement and Branding he partners with a wide array of clients to deliver practical solutions.

Jim also developed The Healthy Place To Work® model and methodology. Drawing from research in the fields of Positive Psychology, Coaching, Health Promotion, Change Management, Employer Branding and Engagement he built the first prototypes and statements sets. He oversaw the statistical testing, validation and benchmarking processes which give confidence to some of the worlds leading organisations that the tools and techniques are useful and robust in a wide range of situations. Jim was also heavily involved in guiding  leadership teams in the early case studies and in building on those early learnings of work in the field.

Cathal Divilly

Cathal Divilly is a co-founder of Healthy Place To Work® and a highly experienced expert in Employer Branding and Employee Engagement. Over a fifteen year career in advising and guiding the World’s Best organisations, Cathal has built a wealth of knowledge and relationships in attracting and leveraging key talent.

Cathal’s input was key in the development, positioning and targeting of the Healthy Place To Work® Brand to ensure that it delivered value for both organisations and employees. This has included leveraging his expertise in building both an internal employee proposition and an external employer brand.

Cathal has also brought his knowledge of high performance environments to aid organisations to strategically embed their findings in a sustainable way. He is at the height of is foosball career and is very sought after for his deep insight and commentary on other important competitive sporting events

business psychologist
Angelo McNeive

Angelo is a business psychologist and facilitator with twenty-five years’ experience of consulting, organisational and leadership development in both the private and public sectors. He advises, trains and facilitates Boards, executive and project teams to build change capability. His wide international experience includes culture-change engagements with blue-chip clients in the UK, Holland, Norway, Australia, Africa and North America.

Angelo’s sectoral experience includes government, professional services, natural resources, tourism, engineering services, financial services, and energy. Since 2001, he has worked extensively across the public sector in Ireland and the EU, including with a wide array of central government departments, local government, state agencies and commercial semi-states.

HR & Management Specialist
Dr Aileen Murphy

Dr Aileen Murphy is a lecturer in HR and Management in Waterford Institute of Technology. She specialises in Human Resource Development, HR standards and the adoption of organisational practices.

Aileen brings expertise in HR standards from notable global locations including Ireland, the UK, Holland, Singapore and the US. Her knowledge guided Healthy Place to Work around the design of HR standards, highlighting what is certified and codified influences whether, and how, standards guide desired behaviours. Additionally certified standards can make HR activities, which are essentially internal to organisations, more visible to external audiences.

Research AssistanT
Garrett Browne

Garrett Browne recently completed his international studies in Business Administration at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid, conducting research on the impact of wearable technologies on employee health and engagement. Garrett played a key role in the early research around the Healthy Place model, conducting extensive academic literature analyses, as well as market research and business development for Healthy Place. His commitment to foster cultures of health within organisations was pivotal to Healthy Place’s development.

Now in Zurich as part of the Virgin Pulse team, he works to enhance organisational well-being and employee engagement all over the world.

Administrative Assistant
Lauren Minion

Lauren is a recent graduate of International Modern Languages in UCD and is currently undertaking a MSc in Sustainable Development.

Lauren supported in establishing the administrative function of Healthy Place to Work®, assisting in client relations, project management and brand development. Her language capabilities were essential in ensuring effective early translations of the model for organisations with multi-lingual employee groups.

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