The drivers of human wellbeing drive performance.

Healthy Place to Work® has developed an easy-to-use set of tools and techniques for organisations to monitor and improve the performance and health of employees. As the only provider in the Ireland, we can support your organisation today.

A Healthy Organisation is one that enables its human capital to sustainably deliver on its objectives
Organisational Health is much more than occasional wellness initiatives or ad hoc programmes.

Integration of a sustainably healthy approach into strategy, planning and objectives.


Using an evidence based approach to health promotion.


Matching organisational supports to workplace and employee needs and demands, including the evaluation of outcomes.

A Healthy Person is an individual with the vitality to flourish at work and beyond
There is a symbiotic relationship between organisational & employee health and productivity & performance.
More About Our Pillars

Healthy Place to Work® has an holistic view of health in the workplace.


This foundational pillar examines the alignment between what the individual wants and what the organisation is trying to achieve.  We also test for the clarity each participant has around their own life purpose and the gratitude they feel for their talents.Mental Resilience.

Mental Resilience

Based upon an individual’s belief that they are capable and equipped to give their best work, this pillar assesses their capacity and energy to work at a high level. It also investigates how capable an individual feels in managing their own job, career path and health.


This pillar looks at the extent to which relationships, including an employees’ relationship with their manager, are working well. It also investigates how much each individual feels emotionally connected to the organisation, the freedom that each individual feels to be themselves and their financial wellbeing.

Physical Health

Measures a range of indicators on diet, fitness and recovery.