April 21, 2022
Why having a health and wellbeing culture is a competitive advantage

At a time where competition is increasing between organisations, businesses are putting more and more efforts to stand out in the market. Many companies have chosen the path of Wellbeing at work to make a difference in the most sustainable way. In this article we are discussing the 4 benefits of having a Health and Wellbeing culture and why is it a competitive advantage for organisations of all sizes.

1 - It increases your team productivity

Many studies have proven there is a close connection between health and productivity at work.

When you are healthy and feeling well, your body and mind function at their full potential. As a leader, you should keep encouraging your people to regularly get up from their desks, to take several breaks during the day (especially for lunch time) and put a special effort in the development of good relationships between members of your team to generate a friendly atmosphere and foster wellbeing at work. This will create a sense of belonging, enhancing the productivity of your team in its entirety.  


Having a health and wellbeing culture increases your team productivity

2 - It reduces stress and illness in the workplace

Promoting a healthier way of life at work and beyond will also make an impact on your people’s mental health. Indeed, exercising and eating well will release endorphins, creating feelings of happiness, and this will keep your body fit avoiding illnesses.

If your wellbeing strategy is well built, you will learn to show yourself as an empathic, accessible, and flexible leader which will naturally reduce your people’s stress in the workplace. The decrease of absenteeism will naturally flow from it.  

Having a health and wellbeing strategy reduces stress and illness in the workplace


3 - It brings higher morale and satisfaction of your people

It is important to understand that committing to a culture Wellbeing is an end in itself, and not a drive to productivity only. Putting Wellbeing as a pillar in your strategy is about seeing and treating your people as humans, not resources. The objective is to support people to feel the best possible version of themselves in the workplace and beyond, helping them finding their work-life balance, creating a good atmosphere within your team, encouraging success and working innovations, and finally bringing all the support they would need in any situation.

having a health and wellbeing culture brings higher morale and satisfaction of your people

4 - It builds a competitive Employer Brand

Many organisations are investing in health and wellbeing in their workplace, and those who have clarity in their approach are more likely to retain the best people. The new generation of talent is actively searching for organisations who are going to support their health and wellbeing.

Thus, adopting a strong and sustainable Health and Wellbeing strategy will help you build an authentic voice, but also a good reputation that will provide you a competitive advantage in the market.


Having a health and wellbeing strategy builds a competitive Employer Brand

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How to avoid burnout and improve mental wellbeing at work and beyond - Healthy Place to Work® Ireland

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