February 16, 2022
Version 1 Certified as Healthy Place to Work®

It's official - Version 1 have been recognised as a Healthy Place to Work again this year!

Version 1 Certified as Healthy Place to Work®

We are delighted to announce that Version 1 have been Certified as a Healthy Place to Work® again this year.

Building on their commitment over the last number of years, Version 1 continue to see strong scores across the Healthy Place to Work® model. Their approach to wellbeing is embedded in their culture and people strategy. In face of the ongoing challenge of Covid-19, they have continued to deliver a healthy and high performance work environment and retained strong levels of connection with people feeling supported by each other and their leaders.

Amanda Kelly's reaction after Version 1 got certified as a Healthy Place to Work®

Over the past year, amongst other work, Version 1 combined their expertise in technology with their culture of wellbeing to enhance the employee experience and support a high performance work envionrment, wherever their people are working from. They created WellTech, a new approach to allow them to deliver a more personalised approach to wellbeing and deliver a best in class remote working experience. Focusing on movement, erogonomics, smarter working and connections, Welltech enhances the digital employee experience, a critical success factor in Version 1's continued growth.

The overarching principle at Version 1 is their Wellbeing framework which is based on the ‘Strength in Balance‘ theme. It encapsulates all aspects of a Version 1 employee’s health and wellbeing. Health and wellbeing are necessary to ‘Empower our People’ and ensure a sustainable career in Version 1. The holistic nature of their Wellbeing model emphasises the importance of variety and balance and staying on top of your ‘A’ game by managing each aspect of yourself the best you can. This model highlights the importance of variety and balance. It shows how certain areas of an employee’s life may impact other areas if they are neglected. The 5 segments of the Wellbeing Wheel include Sense of Purpose, Financial Management, Physical Health, Mental Wellbeing and Social Connections.

The 5 segments of the Wellbeing Wheel

You can read even more about Version 1's approach here. We would like to congratulate the entire team in Version 1, and look forward to working with them again this year.

Could you be Ireland's next Healthy Place to Work? Talk to us today to find out more.

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Manon Morelli

As we know, wellbeing at work is a central pillar of a performance strategy. It is about taking a human-first approach to work, and not simply considering your people as resources. A lot of the content and support material focuses on supporting your desk-based people to have a healthy approach to work. We work with a range of organisations, who have a spectrum of types of work.
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