April 14, 2022
Tips to enjoy a healthy Easter weekend

Easter is just around the corner; we all know it is a time of celebration and a time of food excess (especially chocolate treats). In a world where having a healthier way of life is slowly becoming apriority, we gathered for you a few tips to enjoy a healthy Easter weekend.


1)     Nowadays, it can feel like Easter is a commercial celebration above all else. However it is also a good opportunity for most families to be reunited and spend more time together.
Enjoy a healthy easter weekend - Healthy Place to Work® Ireland
2)     Try a new recipe for Easter (something a bit healthier than the traditional Roast Lamb dinner, like a vegetarian or vegan option for example).
3)     Slow-down and switch off: enjoy the long weekend away from your phone, your social media and your work activity to relax and recharge your batteries.


Relax and Enjoy the long Easter Weekend - Healthy Place to Work® Ireland
4)     Take the time to practice some self-care, whatever that means for you!
5)     Experiment a bit of introspection: think about 3 things that makes Easter special for you.


What makes Easter special for you - Healthy Place to Work® Ireland
6)     Even if chocolate eggs are unavoidable treats for Easter, you can still choose local options that are better for your health like: Hazel Mountain Chocolate Eggs or their Easter bunnies, the Bean and Goose chocolate Easter chocolates, the vegan chocolate bonbons from the Chocolatery Clare or Grá Chocolate Easter chocolates. There are plenty of options.
7)     Get active: take part in a high intensity Easter hunt, go for a walk outside or a 5k run.
Healthier Easter chocolates - Healthy Place to Work® Ireland


Happy Easter from all the Healthy Place to Work® team!

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