March 25, 2022
The formula to a healthy and happy lifestyle at work

Nowadays, the questions around health and wellbeing are becoming more and more important in the professional sphere. Performance is often the target to reach when a health and wellbeing strategy is put in place in an organisation, as many studies have proved that the happier and the more healthy we are, the better our performance. It also cannot be ignored anymore given the changes brought by Covid-19 the last past two years in terms of working and living conditions. In this article we will give you an idea of our formula to a healthy and happy lifestyle at work.

A healthy working environment

Working in a healthy environment is an important factor to feel happy and well at work. It depends on different factors. No matter your position within the company, you must consider: the quality of your relationship with your collaborators and leaders, the atmosphere within your team and the organisation, your working conditions (tools made available for your work, your shift, etc) which are simple but significant indicators in revealing a healthy working environment.

A Wellbeing Culture

These days wellbeing at work is not just a trend. Many organisations are now concerned by the health and happiness of their people, and not only to obtain better results from them. It is now part of their culture, they are considering each person as a human, not just as an employee. If you want to stay happy and well in your company, make sure you are working in a place sharing the same values as you. Make sure your leaders are visible and accessible, make sure people voices are listened and considered, that every person has the development opportunities for their career, make sure the communication is flowing effectively and that efforts are made to create a nice working atmosphere.

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Find your Work-Life balance

The ultimate key to a happy and healthy lifestyle at work is to find the right balance between your professional and your personal life. Leaders and their people must work together to find efficient working conditions for everyone. They should communicate their needs in order to meet everyone’s expectations. It is all about flexibility, trust and open communication. And many examples have already shown their positive effects: It can be as simple as having the ability to work from home when possible, having control on how and when you work – depending on your personal obligations (kids, sport, etc), being free to take a break when needed, and more.

An individual healthy lifestyle  

You cannot be healthy and happy in the workplace if you’re not applying in your own personal life. The difficulty relies on keeping this lifestyle while working: going to the office is often synonymous with drinking too much coffee, skipping lunch, craving unhealthy snacks or staying inactive on a chair for 8 hours a day. To avoid this, you need to bring your healthy habits at the office. It can be drinking tea instead of coffee, taking breaks to go for a walk outside or taking some fresh air and do some exercise, making your own homemade meals or taking vitamins.

A Healthy lifestyle at work - Healthy Place to Work® Ireland

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