October 26, 2021
New Research Shows Strategic Importance of Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

45% of 18-34 year olds are planning to change their jobs in the coming year & 59% of employers are planning to increase the number of new hires in the coming months.

New research by Laya Healthcare, in their Brave New Era series, paints an interesting picture of talent, recruitment and the factors impacting the decision making process over the coming months. While the approach to health and wellbeing has always been an important factor for people in choosing who they work for, it is clear that this has been strengthened in the post-covid era.

The Challenge of Retention

The study found that 45% of 18-34 year olds are planning to change their jobs in the coming year. Given how large a cohort that age group is of the current workforce, organisations will need to focus on building their retention capabilities. People who have a strong sense of wellbeing at work, and who know how the organisation supports that, will be less likely to migrate to a new organisation. The clearer the organisation can be on its Employee Value Proposition (EVP) when it comes to their health and wellbeing approach, the better the chance they have at retaining their people. Simply put, those organisations with best workplace wellness programs, that are clearly communicated, are less likely to lose their key talent.

Are you clear on how your current health and wellbeing approach impacts the retention strategy of your organisation? Get in touch with us today and we can build that clarity with you.

A New War for Talent

The study also found that 59% of employers are planning to increase the number of new hires in the coming months. While it isn’t a surprise that this has grown from last year, when it stood at 29%, organisations who want to attract the best people will have to figure out how they stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to creating a compelling Employer Brand, how an organisation supports a healthy work environment is giving some a competitive edge. If someone was thinking about working in your organisation today, what would they be able to discover about health and wellbeing at work? What story are you currently telling the talent market about your approach to employee wellbeing?

Whatever stage you are at, from starting blocks to fleshed out strategy, if you would like support in building your Employer Brand, get in contact with us today.

The Need for Authenticity

It is clear that expectations have shifted, and people are opting to move to organisations who have a clear and compelling approach to employee health and wellbeing. They also are increasingly savvy on who is being authentic, and who is merely paying lip service to a wellness culture.

Have you defined your approach to health in your organisation? Are your hiring managers equipped to have that conversation with potential new hires? Get in touch with us today, and we can help you build the internal talent retention and attraction capabilities needed in this new era of work.

Looking ahead to 2022, and want to get starting on something today? Check out our key tips on how to build a health and wellbeing strategy here.

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