April 25, 2022
National Workplace Wellbeing Day: 3 events you should attend

Ahead of National Workplace Wellbeing Day this Friday 29th of April, we have gathered the events you should attend this week.


1- 5k Walk & Talk for Ireland’s National Workplace Wellbeing Day

Workplace Wellbeing Ireland is organising a special event on National Workplace Wellbeing Day. On Friday morning, they will host a free 5k Walk and Talk in Phoenix Park in Dublin. Click here for more info about the event. This event is open to everyone.


Walk and Talk - Phoenix Park Dublin - National orkplace Wellbeing Day

2 - Dublin chapter meet-up(Workplace wellbeing day)

Grow Remote is organising a new Dublin chapter meet-up after the success of the previous one in March. This time, they invite you to join them on Thursday 28th April at 7pm at the Hole in the Wall pub in Dublin, for a chat about Workplace Wellbeing Day. Their community Manager Donal Kearney will be joined by 2 special speakers: Senator Emer Curries (Remote & Flexible Work advocate) and Brian Cooke of the Work Well Institute. Click here for more info about the meet-up.


Dublin chapter meet-up - Naitonal Workplace Wellbeing Day

3 - How to avoid Burnout and improve mental wellbeing at work and beyond – Webinar

Tomorrow morning, Tuesday 26th at 10AM, our CEO Fania Stoney, Ciara Garvan of Work Juggle and Lana Hindmarch of Breathe Company Wellbeing will be hosting a LinkedIn Live – How to avoid Burnout and improve mental wellbeing at work and beyond. They will chat about preventing burnout and how you can achieve your goals without sacrificing your health and wellbeing at work. This online event is free and open to everyone. Click here to register.

How to avoid Burnout and improve mental wellbeing at work and beyond - Webinar
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