November 9, 2021
Hybrid Working: Three Ways to Build a Healthy & High Performing Work Environment

How do you live your culture, when your people don’t all live IN your culture at the same time?

How do you live your culture, when your people don’t all live IN your culture at the same time? More and more organisations are beginning to adopt a hybrid approach to working, and are planning for what this means for the rest of 2021 and into 2022. Here are three ways to build a healthy and high performing work environment in a hybrid setting.

1.     Prioritising Purpose

A strong sense of purpose has always been key to organisational performance and employee health. In the shift towards hybrid work, it is increasingly important. When everyone is together in the office, they experience a sense of common purpose by bumping into colleagues and chatting about strategy, customers or what’s new with the company. This in itself, drives a healthy buzz and high performing energy. While this may still happen in the hybrid approach, spontaneous opportunities are reduced.

Senior Leaders will need to be intentional about articulating purpose, discussing the big picture of the overall goals and ensuring people feel their work is uniquely connected and necessary to the success of the organisation. People Leaders will also need to ensure people have a sense of shared purpose—at both the individual and team level. Teams need to understand why their work is important, and also how it connects in with other teams. These intersections are less obvious when people aren’t in the office together.

How keyed in are your people to your organisation's purpose? We can help you measure it. Contact us today to find out more.

2.     Valuing Visibility

A hybrid approach work means that due to where people are positioned in your organisation, they have different access to resources and different levels of visibility. This is true at both the leader and employee level. Visibility is a central component to building a healthy and high performing hybrid work environment.

People Leaders will have to work on being perceived as present and accessible, and not stray into the trap of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ when it comes to their people. Regular check ins and encouraging team members to have close relationships with each other by pairing them on tasks and assigning collaborative projects are simple steps to take.

Your people can think about visibility through three frames: supportive, strategic and social. They can build supportive visibility by collaborating on projects and recognising team members. When it comes to strategic visibility, think of how to contribute ideas and advice on business projects and priorities. Finally, fostering personal connections will build social visibility.

3.     Nourishing Networks

To maintain healthy & high performing cultures in hybrid working situations, leaders will need to be intentional about encouraging people to build their networks. People are having trouble building them if they are new to a company or a role, and they are challenged to maintain it when they don’t see colleagues in person.

Strong internal networks support individuals by providing fulfilling relationships, driving new ideas, creating sounding boards and allowing for the flow of advice around how to get things done within the organisation. Ultimately it improves decision making, efficiency and effectiveness. Simple steps can include connecting people across departments, providing for cross-functional learning opportunities and creating time for people to have virtual coffee or networking discussions with colleagues across the company.

Here in Healthy Place to Work® Ireland we can help you measure each of the elements above, and set you up for success when it comes to supporting peoples' health and wellbeing at work while adopting the hybrid model. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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