April 7, 2022
How to personalise your approach to Health and Wellbeing in your organisation for your people?

At a time when wellbeing becomes is one of the key pillars for many organisations around the world, and on the agenda of CEOs, senior leaders and HR alike, it is important to make sure your Health and Wellbeing strategy fits your business.

Indeed, every single organisation is different, and its health and wellbeing plan must be personalised and adapted to its own environment and its own people to be efficient.

In the document below, we gathered our best advice for you to build your personalised Health and Wellbeing action plan. You will also find a conversation between Fania Stoney and Amanda Kelly, Employee Engagement Partner for Version 1.

Amanda Kelly of Version 1 - How to personalise you approach to health and wellbeing

Version 1 have been Certified as a Healthy Place to Work® for the fourth time this year. We know anyone can find inspiration in what they did for their people to build and deliver a healthy working culture.

Download the document here

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