April 29, 2022
How to avoid burnout in the workplace and beyond

As we are all celebrating National Workplace Wellbeing Day this Friday 29th April, it is important to highlight some situations we may face in our day-to-day lifein the workplace. Burnout is one of them.

 1 - Definition of Burnout

A burnout is a state of mind created by a non-stop exposure to a high level of stress at work or in your private life. It is leading to a severe physical and emotional exhaustion. More than just feeling tired, people experiencing burnout show a difficulty to fulfil their daily responsibilities.

People experiencing burnout become irritable, uncommonly isolated, they don’t pay attention to their appearance anymore, they can meet the difficulty getting out of bed or feel depressed. It is not simple to notice as the symptoms depend on the person.

Moreover, Burnout doesn’t go away, and it causes physical and mental long-term damages such as depression or diabetes if it is not treated well.

What can you do to prevent burnout whether it is at work or in your private life?


2 - Individual prevention against Burnout

As we said, Burnout comes from a constant high level of stress. Stress can’t disappear asit is a common human feeling, but you can act to make it a short-term state of mind. Here is a list of advice.

Stay healthy

Exercising daily and eating a balanced diet made from anti-depressant omega-3 fatty acids- you can find them in fish and walnuts for example – can give you a natural emotional boost.

Disconnect& sleep

Healthy sleeps habits are key to rest and resetting our body. Get your 8 hours of night sleep and keep your screens & phones away at night to break from the non-stop reality, especially on social media.

Talk about it

Don’t keep your discomfort for yourself and talk about it to people you trust whether it is someone from your family, a friend, a colleague or even a professional.      


3 - What can organisations and leaders do to avoid Burnout in their teams

As a recent survey showed that more than 50% of full-time Irish workers were experiencing burnout, we can consider it is one of the main diseases in the working sphere. Managing burnout in the workplace is becoming a crucial objective especially as wellbeing is taking a bigger space in the working culture of many organisations those days. Leaders must re-think their working model.

Listen and offer sustainable responses

As we already said in a previous blog, healthier managers should show a high sense of empathy and be a good listener to their people needs and struggles.  A day off is not enough as the stress that you can meet when you return to the office with a full email box and the work to catch up on can be worst. Leaders should put in place sustainable solutions such as the development of a positive and caring morale and allow real mental breaks that would be not a source of stress when you get back.

Put a new organisation in place to reduce workload

To reduce the stress within your team, as a healthier manager you can help your people to plan their work, encourage them to delegate and to ask for help when needed, create common but also private spaces to meet the needs of everyone.

Set healthy work boundaries and freedom

As a healthier manager, you should lead the way to a healthy working organisation. Set working hours and don’t go beyond it (avoid sending emails at 10pm for example), encourage breaks during the day, be flexible with your people when it comes to their shift orthe place they can work from, give them the choice to come to the office or to work remotely etc. Those are all the little things that will give them a work-life balance avoiding risks of high stress and burnout.

Want to learn more about burnout? Watch the recording of our latest Webinar: How to avoid burnout and improve mental wellbeing at work and beyond.
How to avoid burnout and improve mental wellbeing at work and beyond

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