February 23, 2022
BT Ireland Certified as a Healthy Place to Work®

It's official ! Once again, BT Ireland have been certified as a Healthy Place to Work® this year, for the fourth consecutive time.

BT Ireland Certified as a Healthy Place to Work®

This year's recognition is testament to their on-going focus and hard work in delivering a sustainable healthy work environment for all their people who feel empowered to make good decisions to balance their work and personal life. Their feedback is continuously taken into account to make improvements.

Over the challenging past year, BT Ireland kept their shared sense of purpose and belonging, as well as the ability to maintain strong connections across the organisation. One of their top priorities has been the health and wellbeing of their people. In order to drive business success, they continued to focus on providing clarity, building connections, and creating an environment where people feel they belong, wherever they are working from.

Shay Walsh's reaction after BT Ireland got certified as a Healthy Place to Work®

We would like to congratulate the entire team in BT Ireland for this amazing achievement and look forward to working with them again this year.

Wondering how your organisation can be certified as a Healthy Place to Work® ? Find out the answers to your questions here!
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As we know, wellbeing at work is a central pillar of a performance strategy. It is about taking a human-first approach to work, and not simply considering your people as resources. A lot of the content and support material focuses on supporting your desk-based people to have a healthy approach to work. We work with a range of organisations, who have a spectrum of types of work.
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