May 6, 2022
9 Ideas to show appreciation and lift employee wellbeing

Employee appreciation is key when it comes to wellbeing and performance at work. The benefits of it are many. First, it builds trust and a sense of belonging and boosts your team productivity. Moreover, when people feel well in a company, they do not want to leave, so employee appreciation decreases turnover and absenteeism. Finally, it improves Brand Reputation and attracts new talent, that are not just looking for a job, but also a place where they feel good, respected, and appreciated.

In this week article, we give you 9 ideas to show appreciation and lift employee wellbeing.


1.      Recognise your people

Show them you are proud of their work, their achievements, and their initiatives through a special recognition like “employee of the month” or a special mention in an email sent to everyone for example.


2.      Daily written and/or Verbal praise

Do not wait for a special occasion to tell your people you are proud of them. As a healthy leader, you should show them appreciation on a regular basis. It can be as simple as a written thank you note, a message on the working chat, or a nice comment. Find here all our tips to be a healthier manager.


3.      Give them Extra time off

Money or physical rewards such as gift cards are not the only option for your people would appreciate when they achieve their goals. Sometimes extra time off would be even more welcome.


4.      Offer them Wellness and Training opportunities

As healthy work places, some organisations reward their people with a free gym access, yoga or cooking courses, facilitations to mental health services, and more. They also offer to their people opportunities to develop their skills such as training or access to conferences.


5.      Organise Employee appreciation events

Choose a special day per week or per month to recognise and celebrate your team achievements. An annual party can also be an opportunity to highlight the individual performances during the past year.


6.      Celebrate important days

To show you really care, you should mark special days in their personal life. Of course, you should still celebrate and congratulate them when they get a new role in the company, but it is also important to celebrate birthdays, engagements, weddings and births, to show them they are considered as humans, not just as employees.


7.      Capture Moments

When they are facing an important situation in their life, you should also show to your people gratitude. For example simply sending a card or a bunch of flowers to someone that is recovering or someone on maternity leave can have a big impact.


8.      Show your appreciation online

You can demonstrate your appreciation toward your team by highlighting them on social media and on the website of the company. They will feel special and it will enhance their sense of belonging.


9.      Ask what they would like

The best advice we could potentially give to you would be to ask your people what recognition looks like for them and more generally ask for their feedback. This is a great mechanism to give them a real voice to take part in their own wellbeing at work.

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