October 12, 2021
4 Ways to Support Your People In October

As we prepare for the winter months, its important to take the time to reflect on how we can best support our people.

1.     Be authentic. However it is you choose to define health in your organisation, or what you choose to promote, ensure that it reflects your culture and equips your people to be their best selves at work. People want to be in an organisation that is walking the talk, as opposed to paying lip service to a wellness culture.

2.     Lean into learning. One of the only certainties we are facing into in the coming months is uncertainty. Workplaces that invest in learning for their people enable them to have the mental plasticity to deal with this inevitable ambiguity. This, in turn, creates a more resilient organisation.

3.     Create opportunity for connection. One of the challenges we have all faced over the last 18 months is the chance for meaningful connection with our peers and colleagues. While most organisations have moved on from Zoom Quizzes, it is still vital that people can come together in a variety of ways. It is worth checking in on people’s comfort levels when it comes to safe social interaction, and taking it from there.

4.     Soak up the autumn sunshine. Give people time to get outside and top up on some Vitamin D. Whether working from home, the office, the lab or on site make sure everyone has the chance to so get some steps in and take in some fresh air. Who knows how long the sunshine will last?

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