February 17, 2022
4 Ways to be a healthier manager

Many studies have shown the link between health, wellbeing and performance at work. Organisations know that a healthy culture enables success. The role of managers is crucial in creating this healthy culture as they lead the way for their people.

4 Ways to be a Healthier Manager

1 - Encourage collaborative work

The atmosphere within your team is the foundation in the creation of a healthy culture in a company. It is not a secret anymore that a good atmosphere within your team enhances wellbeing at work, and de facto it enhances performance.

As a manager wanting to support the wellbeing of your people, you should put an effort into creating a positive and friendly atmosphere within your team and make sure your employees feel like they are part of a group with clear goals and the same aim. 

In order to create a sense of belonging, some simple things are to put in place such as setting regular team meetings, taking coffee breaks together or organising team building activities. This sense of belonging creates solid base for collaboration and employees will be keen to give the best of their work for the team and the company.

Encourage collaborative work - Healthy Place to Work® Ireland

2 - Develop better communication

Communication is often the key to make things work better in both the personal and professional sphere. Collaborative and efficient work among your team can't be properly  established without fluid communication. Good communication does not only rely on giving clear instructions to your people. It also relies on establishing a real, honest and constant dialogue with each other.

It is important to communicate frequently, using multiple channels such as regular team meetings. Virtual communication is also useful: mails are still mainly used as a formal approach but there are many other softwares that can be used to talk to your team live. Professional chatting platforms like Slack or Zoom are ideal - and really handy for people working remotely. However you choose to communicate, it is crucial to demonstrate openness and empathy to encourage transparency and authenticity. To learn more about how choosing your digital volume, click here.

Develop a better communication in the workplace - Healthy Place to Work® Ireland

3 - Be accessible and human

A healthier manager needs to take time for their people, and make themselves available and accessible in order to be more aware of their needs. Consistent interaction and support can allow them to share their successes and challenges on a regular basis, and allows you to find long term solutions as quick as possible. You will need to hone your empathic skills. Showing empathy will enhance their level of trust in you as a leader and make you the best person to guide them during their journey in the organisation. 

Career direction is important too, so take the time to review their results, their tasks, their position and their career prospects. This way, you show them your interest and make them feel confident to talk to you with honesty.

Healthier manager  - Healthy Place to Work® Ireland

4 – Help find a work & life fit

Finding a work & life fit is an ongoing challenge for everyone in the professional sphere. As a manager, not only are you looking at your own experience, but helping your people too. 

When we are communicating and collaborating well, and people see you as accessible, you are more likely to be aware of your people’s situation. What is critical is how you act on the knowledge you have. In building a sustainable health and wellbeing strategy, you may have to build in flexibility and adaptability towards your people’s needs.

Sometimes it can be the simplest of things that make a difference. Taking into consideration someone’s commute or giving them control over how and when they work – as long as deadlines are met – can make a big difference for people. 

Find a work / life balance - Healthy Place to Work® Ireland

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Manon Morelli

As we know, wellbeing at work is a central pillar of a performance strategy. It is about taking a human-first approach to work, and not simply considering your people as resources. A lot of the content and support material focuses on supporting your desk-based people to have a healthy approach to work. We work with a range of organisations, who have a spectrum of types of work.
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