February 24, 2022
4 tips for Healthier Communication in a Working Environment

Communication is the ability to deliver a message (information, emotion, feeling and more) through verbal or non verbal channels. Healthy communication involves both delivering messages and taking the time to listen to the response. We all agree that Communication in the professional sphere is key to increasing the performance and productivity of an organisation. Curiously we notice it is also one of the more frequent issues within a working team. In this article, we will give you 4 tips to have a Healthier Communication in work.

4 Tips for Healthier Communication in a Working Environment

1- Listen Attentively

Communication is a constant double-direction exchange : messages go from you to the others, but messages also come from the others to you.

Therefore, to establish better communication, it is important to be a good listener too. It doesn't mean you only have to hear what people say to you. It means that you also have to learn, to understand and to appreciate the message that comes to you to give the best answer possible. All your senses and body are engaged in this process. This is called Active Listening and would be your best tool to embody healthier communication within your team.

2 – Take into account others point of view

In a healthier way of communication, to deliver the best message, the one at the source of the message must be aware of the expectations of the ones receiving the message.

It is important to put yourself in the other persons' shoes and accept others' point of view and opinions.  For this, you must be open and demonstrate empathy. Be aware of what people live and feel, what are their emotions, their needs, their experiences and adapt your communication to all those factors.

3 - Create a communication-friendly environment

The lack of communication is often pointed as the main issue in the performance of a team or an organisation. There are some easy ways to establish a fluid communication.

For instance, to communicate more frequently the first thing you could dois to set regular physical meetings or virtual meetings thanks to some really handy tools such as Zoom. To install a continuous dialogue within your team, some platforms are useful such as Slack.Don't forget to always encourage and role model straight talking whenever it's possible for more transparency and authenticity.

The tone of your message is important too. Paying attention to deliver encouraging, respectful and positive messages would make a difference in the way people receive it and answer.

Communication in the workplace - Healthy Place to Work® Ireland

4  – Be open and value your people's feedback

In the working sphere, communication should not be only top-down. If you want your improvements to be sustainable, as a leader or as a manager you have to lead the way in open dialogue that has two directions: from leaders to their people and from their people to the leaders, so they can share their state of mind and which practices are landing well for them.

Anonymous surveys are an easy solution to gather real and honest opinions from your people.

But also, as simple as it is, showing interest and empathy towards your people will bring you the best feedback you could hope for.

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