December 14, 2021
2022: The Great Reset

Four things that organisations are doing to look after their people and set themselves apart from their competitors.

While much of the narrative concentrates on The Great Resignation, our research shows us that The Great Reset is a more accurate description for the Irish talent landscape next year. It is clear that expectations have changed. This seems particularly poignant as Christmas approaches and offers us all a chance to reflect on our own priorities for the coming year.

Here are four things that organisations are doing to allow both the business, and their people to hit the reset button: 

1. Connect the Dots between People & Impact

Organisations are creating the space for people to understand how what they do makes an impact. Most people want to feel like what they do matters and create a sense of meaning and purpose. Taking the time to foster this sense of purpose serves as a refresh and a way for people to find renewed motivation in their role and work.

2. Create Opportunities to Grow and Learn

After reflecting on how their work has impact, people will want expand their capabilities and continue to grow. The best organisations in this space demonstrate how their people matter by showcasing that its leadership invests in learning and their peoples' professional future with the company. Organisations with a culture of learning have strong engagement levels, are more innovative and feel more prepared to take on challenging tasks as a result of feeling more competent and confident in their abilities.

3. Connect, connect, connect

We have spoken previously about any future leaders' need to choose their digital volume carefully. When reflecting on their experience of work, people will dwell on their opportunity for meaningful connection, regardless of where or how they work. Organisations need to think about the connection cadence, and make sure they are creating chances for people to come together beyond business-only meetings. Individuals can also focus on building their own healthy team.

4. Step away from the Desk

For any organisation building a health and wellbeing plan, it is essential that rest and recovery mechanisms are built in. This can be as simple as creating the space for people to down tools and take a break. A simple reset done on a regular basis, is going to be far more effective than one Great Reset that takes a global pandemic to happen.

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