March 31, 2022
10 ideas to improve your team wellbeing

As a leader, at some point, you might notice your people are facing a lack of motivation, tiredness, or stress from their working or personal life. What can you do to support them? Of course, you will have to find the best way to solve the problem, but your mission as a leader is also to prevent and avoid that kind of situation within your team. To give you a hand with this, here is a list of 10 ideas to improve your team wellbeing on a sustainable way.

1. Allow flexible work environments that suits your team (remote working, adapted shifts etc.)
2. Focus on developing and demonstrating empathy  
3. Encourage your people to take breaks during the day


4. Set weekly Challenges within your team (such as 5 minutes meditation a day, learn a new skill, “Take the stairs” challenge, etc.) 
5. Set up regular team buildings (online quiz, after works, team coffee breaks, board games moments etc)


6. Create a team-based work environment to create a sense of belonging
7. Organise walking meetings to enhance imagination and motivation


8. Encourage your team to exercise on a regular basis
9. Give up unhealthy snacks and offer healthy options to your people instead
10. Why not get an office pet? They will bring happiness and joy to everyone. You are interest in how to have a healthy and happy lifestyle at work ? Read our last blog here
Team wellbeing at work - Healthy Place to Work® Ireland

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